Our Standard Inspection is $200.00

Standard Inspection Covers

The 2020 NEC Electrical Codes for pool & spa, ISPSC Gas Codes for Heaters, ISPSC Plumbing Codes, CDC CODES for Access Gates and Fences. All for your safety.

AAA Pool Inspectors check for needed repairs to the equipment, decking, coping, mastic, waterlines, pool and spa plaster conditions, water features and waterfalls. (Hazards and Repairs let you make an informed decision.)

Premium Inspection includes everything in the Standard plus Water Lose Detection for $300.00

The LP-2750 Pro is the ultimate tool for leak detection on pools, spa, water features. Featuring rapid 15-minute test time on a pool and 10-minute test time on a spa or water feature. Rapid inspection is crucial when checking for a leak. The quick rapid test periods allow us to diagnose the leak, determine the size of the leak, and be sure you only have one leak to find. In two 15-miniute test periods on a pool, one with the pump on and one with the pump off, we can determine if you have a leak and which part of your system is leaking i.e.: The suction, structure, or the returns. This eliminates the headache and 2 – 3 hours in time to pressure test each part of the system. Combination pool and spa takes 20-minutes more than just a pool. (repairs not included)

New Pool Inspection before final payment $350.00 – AAA Pool Inspectors will perform all Premium plus give a written statement with pictures of violations to report to Texas Department of License and Regulations – TDLR who will prosecute if not completed to code.