Have a AAA Pool Inspection and Save a LIFE

What is an inspection?

An inspection by AAA Pool Inspectors covers the Electrical, Gas, Plumbing, CDC CODES and Repairs to the Equipment, Decking, Coping, Fence Gates and Fences.


Builders in most areas don’t have to get a permit to build a pool and that is Dangerous to your HEALTH and LIFE.


Why AAA Pool Inspection, we are Insured Pool Professionals with a License to do most of the repairs.

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A pool inspection is to ensure that minimum Government safety codes are met and to give a good account of the condition of the equipment, Pool, Spa, and Safety around the area of the pool. Only a Insured professional who is in good standing with Texas Department of Regulations should perform this inspection, you can identify a licensed repair person by the TDLR  ID card and all documentation should have the TICL # on them. (Business card, ID Card, Inspection Report, Invoices. All repairs must be performed by a Licensed Professional and a copy of the receipt sent to the inspector.

In 2005 Law was passed for all outdoor Appliances to be GFCI protected in 2008 it was revised for pool equipment to be protected by GFCI Breakers.

In 2007 VGBA Law was Passed for all pools to have Dual Drains or a secondary relief for main drains

In 2011 Energy Efficiency Law passed for all pumps on pools to be Variable Speed

On January 7, 2020 all single speed motor stopped being made in the USA.

On July 19, 2021 all Single Speed pumps will stopped being sold to wholesalers in the USA, when they play out of stock only VS Pumps will be sold.